Team: Gabriel, Jay, Brian, Tim, Shu

Set up:
Rod - IFL Excalibur Type II
Reel - Daiwa Tournament ISO 3000SH LBD
Line - Marufuji ST MARK #4
Float - Acter 1.2
Leader - Vhard #4
Hook - Gamakatsu #13


A late trip was postponed from Tuesday to Wednesday which also meant a change of plans in location due to the weather and schedules. Unable to fish the original spot we wanted to, we ended up in the harbour to chase drummer on the North Beaches. The morning started off slow with many pickers and leatherjacket around in the area. The water was cold and can always be noticed by the amount of leatherjackets around as they tend to be more active during the cooler currents. Jay was fishing with the Type III R with a 20lb leader whereas I opted for the Type II with 16lb leader. We were both using hawkesbury prawns as usual.

Pickers were plentiful and the trip was slow with only small fish around, nothing really to mention. Prior to this I was fishing light as the swell was mediocre and the swell wasn't hammering enough to fish heavier, but as the tide came in the current started to run stronger and the waves were breaking harder so I changed from a 3B to an old school 1.2 sized ISO float that I found in my float case. Towards 8:30am I had my first decent down as the float slowly wobbled down and started running, so i waited for a second and then set the hook. The fish took a small run at the start and then slowly came up and ended up being a small groper that was released. A few casts later as I was fishing the front shelf of the ledge, the front went under again and I had a surprise guest hit my hook. When we first had colour, I thought it was a wrasse or parrotfish until I saw the head pop up and Jay yelled "Red Morwong".

Due to work commitments, I had to leave early so i had a few more casts and was at the end of what would have been a medium piglet, which pulled the hook. I had 2 more casts, got snagged and packed up. As I was at the back packing up and cleaning my fish, the drummer started to bite! Tim and Brian were getting hits virtually 30 seconds after the bait hit the water and pulled out a few drummer in a short amount of time as I watched them fish.

Overall, it wasn't the ideal location we wanted, but it's always a blessing to be out fishing!