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Report: Shore jigging with the Ozisofishing crew

Posted on 13 April 2017

Team: Gabriel, Mike, Nick, Michael, Ray, Derrick, Elliot, Rob, Melvin

After hearing about the bonito flooding the south coast, it was hard to say no when the swell dropped down to 1m with a run in tide and perfect conditions to fish down at the infamous Hill 60. We met up nice and early at 6am and made our way down to the ledge. Due to the overcast weather, the sun was nowhere to be seen until around 6:30am. As soon as first light came out we made our way out and started shore jigging.

Shore jigging set up:
Rod: Palms Shore Gun Evolv 993
Reel: Daiwa Certate 4000HD
Line: Daiwa Saltiga 8 casting PE3
leader: Saltiga F type 30lb
Lures: Maria Fla Pen blue runner, Shout Dangan 40g, Shimano Coltsniper Rockslide 140S

The fish were on a good start to the morning as Nick hooked 2 x bonito on the Shimano Coltsniper Rockslide 140S. I hooked up to a decent bonito on the same lure, Shimano Coltsniper Rockslide 140S seconds after Nick hooked his dual bonito. From here on, the fish were biting well and everybody was hooking bonito left aright and centre. The bite died down for a while and picked back up at around 7:30am when the first came back in and everybody was hooking up. It was chaos on the main ledge so a few of us moved off to the corner to spin.

Michael and Mike came to the session in hope to get their first bonito shore jigging, this was Mike's first time shore jigging! They both did well landing 7 and 3 fish respectively. Michael landed all his bonito on 1 Maria duplex 80mm that was destroyed by the end of the session. Mike was slaying the bonito on the Shout Dangan and he picked up the technique quickly and began rolling in the fish. Ray caught the biggest bonito of the day on the same lure as Mike, the shout dangan.

Jimmy was chasing larger pelagics and persisted throwing around larger stickbaits, but after nothing getting much luck he switched to a smaller lure and the bonito were hitting the lures hard.

Overall we must have gotten over 35 bonito with most of the bonito finding a liking to the smaller lures. Plenty of fish were released during the siege.

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