Team: Gabriel, Tony, William, Josh, Jackie + 2 customers

We set out nice and early to pursue some calamari and some pelagics on the shore jigs. 5am was the meet up time in the pitch dark as we made our way into the ledge. We kept an eye out on the swell as it seemed bigger than expected - good old willyweather!

First cast in with the JS Company BIXOD N E4 rod and Daiwa Emeraldas combo, the weapon - Yamashita LIVE SEARCH #3.5 in the solid pink colour with a red foil - and I was onto a jumbo calamari as it latched onto my jig and put up a good fight, stripping drag from the reel. The squid looked roughly mid 30's (forgot my measure tape ). My 3rd cast resulted in another calamari, but this one was a bit smaller. Josh was the next to get onto a squid as he pulled out a nice calamari next to me. William was quick to jump onto the squid as he snatched up a good bait size squid. Tony was the next to hook onto a squid, but the size seemed to have gotten smaller as the sun came up. By sunrise, the action was dead as Jackie was shore jigging, but wasn't having a great day as he got snagged and also snapped his braid as the braid tangled the tip.

Until 8am it was dead quiet after the frenzy of squid in the morning. I switched over to a 3.5S Yamashita 490 GLOW jig in the white colour (R06 from memory) and I felt the line tighten up. Drag was peeling and out came another thumper calamari, smaller than the first one, but certainly chunkier. Josh was smart and acted quick by casting next to my squid and BAM! As the lure dropped, his friend decided to jump onto the jig and we had a double hook up on calamari.

We called it quits at 8:30 as the action died down. We ended up with a total of 7 calamari by the end of the session.