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Report: Following the forecast

Posted on 15 December 2016

Team: Jay, Tim, Gabriel

ISO Fishing set up:
Rod - IFL Excalibur Type II
Reel - Daiwa 15 Tournament ISO 3000SH LBD
Main line - Marufuji ST MARK #4
Leader - Sunline Vhard #4
Depth - 5 - 8m fixed float

Rig 1:
Float - IFL Basic BG #1.0
Sinker - 1.0 splitshot

Rig 2:
Float - IFL Basic BG #1.5
Sinker - HDF gold sliding sinker 1.0 + 0.5 Splitshot

Jay and I packed early and drove up on Monday night to Tim's place up on the central coast to get ready for a early Tuesday morning session as the forecast seemed too good to miss. We woke up at 4am, had some coffee and made our way to the ledge by 5:30am. Jay and I followed Tim as he lead us to new spot to try out for some pigs. As we were walking down, we could hear the waves crashing and soon saw that the swell was stronger than expected. The original spot we wanted to fish was still manageable so we rigged up and begun fishing. Tim briefly tried eging, but the surge from the waves made it too difficult to fish.

The conditions were good, except for a few large sets that rolled in and made line management tricky. We fished the first spot for around an hour or so without much luck so we moved to a different ledge. Jay was the first to land a fish in the 2nd spot as he pulled out a nice bream from the wash. Tim was next with a blackfish that took his prawn bait in the gutter, intended for a drummer. I was the next to pull up a bream in the wash with a heavy rig that was on the bottom. We burleyed hard and Jay was rewarded with another bream.

As the tide came up and the wind picked up, it was making it harder and harder to fish so we moved back to the initial ledge. The initial ledge wasn't producing too much either and the swell was really pumping by the time we got back. Jay and tim got hit by a wave that slowly built up and creeped up onto the ledge. After seeing as there was no bites, I changed my strategy and drifted the bait out far, fishing at a depth of 6m. Soon, the line started to peel and on the other end of the line was a pan size snapper that was around 37cm. Jay also hooked a good fish which we assume to be a red which reefed him in front as he fought it too quickly.

At the end of the day, we had 3 bream, a blackfish a snapper with all fish except the snapper being released to fight another day.

Thanks Tim for guiding us onto a new ledge and letting us crash at yours!~

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