CB One Enfinity EN90/12 - Big Shooter


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The longest model out of the range the EN90/12 Big Shooter is designed for maximum cast-ability with lures to reach fish out of the zone without surpassing a length that is uncomfortable to use for medium sized lures.

Featuring a versatile design in the blank enabling anglers to use smaller lures such as the CB One Dixon 160 (52 grams) up to a CB One Bazoo 200 (96grams) to cover the medium casting game for kingfish and tuna. An optimal option to anglers seeking a shore casting rod under 10ft for increased leverage and stopper power when hooked onto a trophy fish. 



Length: 9’0”

Drag: 12kg

Line: PE5

Casting Weight: 110g max

Guides: MNST16-MNSG40

Grip (mm): F/200 R/410

Reel Seat: DPS20

Made in Japan