MC Works Seven Miles SM816CR


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The Seven Miles range is specifically designed for top water Tuna fishing. 
The rod allows for precise casting and exquisite lure presentation.

The SEVEN MILES series is a series that challenges the difficult enemy Bluefin Tuna. Characteristics hidden in each model is the result of a thorough design in order not to lose a few opportunities and cover all basis.


Has excellent castability whilst also being easy to work the lure. This particular model is an all rounder and the bend curve design is easy to handle for most people. It is easy to withstand a high load fight and the leverage against the the anglers body is lowered. The casting range is wide and is a versatile rod which covers medium sized Tuna and large size Kingfish.

Length: 8'1"

Line PE:  #5-6

Cast range: 110g

Drag max: 12kg