Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper 81/8 Blacky (Tuna Model)

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This has been designed as a versatile tuna rod which not only can cast small lures matching the size of sardines but also medium lures size of Dorado or baby yellow tail. The belly section will bend and enable a holding angle of 65° with still enough power to pull up a tuna to the surface. The 4ways carbon material makes this possible..


Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2480mm 387g 2pcs 45~120g Pe6~8 96%



Tuna up to 70kg

Drag max:

  • 15kg/45°

Folded Length:

  • 1755mm


  •  Grip-Joint


  • SiC Stainless frame Ocean Guide(Fuji)

Reel seat:

  • DPS20(Fuji)

Suitable Reel Size:

  • DAIWA #4500~6500 / SHIMANO #8000~20000