Daiichi Seiko Auto King Squid Gaff 500 (500cm)

By Daiichi

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The best known squid gaff in the eging market, the Daiichi Auto King series. Featuring a unique Patented one touch release system allowing anglers to engage the squid gaff in a simple touch of a button.

Safety & Comfort: Designed for comfort and safety the patented one touch system with one hand is one of a kind on the market. The squid gaff will not extend or engage without the button being pressed making it a major safety feature of the squid gaff incase of an accident.

Shoulder/ life jacket hanger: Widely used by hooked the line of the squid gaff onto the shoulder or life jackets where applicable. 

Reversible style: The magnet + hanger can also be attached to the rear end of the squid gaff.

* Please note that the gaff should never be lifted horizontally, always fold back vertically.



Shaft: carbon 80% 
informal Noh play dimensions: 62cm 
total length: 500cm 
Weight: hanger mounted at the total: 500g 
   shoulder strap when mounted total: 520g 
with shoulder strap

Color / Gun Metal · Yellow · Red