Daiichi Seiko Kousoku Recycler 2.0 Line Spooling/Unspooling Assist Tool

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The Daiichiseiko Kousoku Recycler 2.0 is a tool designed to assist the angler in spooling up the reel with line.


  • Incorporating a high-speed 3.5x handle and 3 ball bearings for smooth and speedy handlings
  • Includes 2 types of shafts (short shaft and long shaft) for single spool or multi spool use


  • Size (excluding shaft): 215 × 95 × 90 mm
  • Weight: 460 g (with long shaft used)
  • Max. clamp mounting width: 43 mm
  • Gear ratio: 3.5:1
  • Shaft size: 8 dia. × 40 mm (short); 8 dia. × 100 mm (long)
  • Max. spool installation width: 75 mm (with long shaft used)
  • Accessories: Two shafts (short and long), two nuts, two collars, screwdriver, two screws


Short & Long Shaft Style

Provided with two types of shafts, i.e., a short shaft and a long shaft, for single spool and coupling spool use.
Ease of replacement with the provided screwdriver.


Possible to wind a new line quickly on a reel while making a tension adjustment.
* Install the line so that it extrudes from the top of the spool as shown.

Recyling (Unspooling new line off the reel)