Daiichi Seiko MS Rodrack Separate 45

By Daiichi


Adopting EVA with excellent flexibility and weather resistance.
Possible to store the rods kept upright without placing them on the ground, thus making a quick tackle change without rod or reel damage.
A separate type that can flexibly fit an installing structure, such as a cool box.


Size 45

Colour: White 

● Accessories:
SUS plate × 4
Tapping screw (3.5 dia. x 12 mm) x 8
Resin plates for Molle system × 2
Screw and nut for resin plate × 8 each
● Total weight: 77 g (upper and lower body parts/SUS plates)

A separate style that can be attached and fixed in the desired position of the cooler box or tackle box with SUS plates and tapping screws.

The rod rack part is in a stopper style (with a bottom provided) in which a rod can stand, but by cutting the flexible EVA, it can be remodeled to a through style (with a bottom penetrated).

The webbing tape of the Egi Rack MS Series, which is equipped with the MOLLE system, is fixed with the provided resin plate inserted.