Daiwa MG Mesh Pouch Case

By Shimano

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(1) Easy to open and close! ! Magnet opening and closing structure! (*Note)

(2) Built-in magnet with a cover that is resistant to rust

(3) Mesh specifications
that are easy to drain and dry

(4) With a gachi to suppress spillage of stored items

(5) Pocket size that is easy to store in floating vests etc. (S size is chest pocket, M size is a size suitable for the hem pocket)

※Note: Pay attention to magnetic force. Do not move away from medical equipment such as cardiac pacemakers, magnetic recording media, and precision equipment that is susceptible to magnetic force. Doing so may cause damage or malfunction.


S(A) approximately 13×10×4 black

M(A) approximately 10×15×4 black