Delux Amigo Super PE Braid 300m spool

$65.00 $79.00
By Amigo


- Used and highly recommened by the team at Isofishinglifestyle -

Delux Amigo has been designed to be a smoother, rounder profile and stronger. 6 - 12lb are constructed from a 6ply braid whilst the stronger sizes are built from a 8ply braid making the line thinner and stronger. Advanced technology at Delux enable a product that results in better line manage and casting distance with less friction. As a result of the softness of the braid, noise is drastically reduced from the guide when casting. A new proprietary coating gives Amigo braid incredible abrasion resistance, something not regularly encountered in other braided lines.

Perfect to use for all types of spinning, shore jigging, eging, soft plastics, jigging etc.

Size LB Diameter
PE0.2 6 0.07
PE0.3 8 0.09
PE0.6 12 0.12
PE0.8 16 0.13
PE1.0 20 0.165
PE1.5 25 0.2
PE2 33 0.234
PE3 44 0.285
PE4 55 0.33
PE5 66 0.37
PE6 85 0.4
PE8 110 0.47
PE10 120 0.6