FCL Labo Ebi Pop 120EXT Floating Popper


FCL Labo Ebipop 120EXT Blooping popper

One of the all time most popular GT poppers among the Fish Head crew and many others, the Ebipop Extreme is constructed of a super high density foam for excellent longevity. The FCL Ebipop is among the easiest of poppers to work yet still creates a huge amount of commotion and splash on the surface to attract predators. This lure has been successful all over the world, catching GT up to 60kg! Sitting tail down in the water the Ebipop performs great in rough conditions or calm, and with the quality of finish that we have come to expect from FCL Labo these are definitely a favourite amongst GT anglers worldwide!

Type Floating Popper
Length (mm) 220mm
Weight (g) 120g