FCL Labo HRTM 135A Floating Jerkbait Minnow


HRTM 135A Casting Jerkbait Minnow by FCL Labo

The FCL Labo HRTM 135A is a great all-rounder casting minnow. The HRTM 135A is a solid body jerkbait designed to fish for species such as Barramundi in the dams, trout and emperors on the coral flats, as well as fishing the washes for Kingfish, Salmon, Mulloway and Tailor. Diving to depths around 1.5m this lure casts beautifully and is well balanced giving it a nice wobble and roll action generating plenty of flash from the excellent paint/foil design. Dynamite on species as diverse as Barramundi and Coral Trout,  these lures are tough, durable and like all FCL lures - through wired.

Lure Type: Floating Jerkbait 

Length: 135mm

Weight: 26g