FUJI IDTC Guide Cover Cap

By Fuji

You can use the bar for a long time because the slider comes out to your hand.
Moreover, since the opening of the bar is large,
Mounting and threading on the rod is quick and easy
New rubber belt that does not get in the way
Belt is (not lateral)
Since it is coming out from the bottom,
Does not disturb the movement of the hand,
Do not make it difficult to see at hand,
Even if there is a roll
It does not get in the way of putting on and taking off

In the IDTC, the original guide is the rod of the LM-H guide (high frame), or the original guide is fixed to the original rod.
It cannot be attached to the pole. Size 16 can only be installed on rods with T-IMSG with pipe size 14.0 or smaller.
Please use size 18 for rods with T-IMSG with pipe size 14.2 or larger
IDTC Length (mm) Height (mm) Rod Diameter (mm) Weight (g)
16 179 38 16 or less 40.9
18 183 43 18 or less 50.6