Gamakatsu Gamusha ISO

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The top uses a titanium frame Fuji Torzite guide.

The Gamakatsu Gamusha ISO is the strongest series of Gamakatsu's fine rods. Lineup of 4 models from sizes 3, 4, 5, and 6. It is a rod that can realise the dream of conquering your PB fish with overwhelming power unrivaled by other rods. 

By incorporating the carbon of the "TORAYCA(R)T1100G" series, which boasts the world's highest class tensile strength, in the right place so that even larger fish can be fought, the tenacity and strength are dramatically improved.  A screw seat with rubber has excellent holdability is used so that a stable fight can be performed even with strong pull.


Main targets are 60cm+ class fish, super-large snapper over 80cm

Model  Standard total length

Closed Length
Material used
Moment Sections Tip diameter
Butt diameter
Weight load
Proper Harris

3-530 5.3
303 118.0 C 99.1 G 0.9 35.9 Five 1.4 26.0 2 ~ 8 2.5 ~ 12

*Moment =Standard weight (kg) x Length from rod butt to center of gravity (cm)