Hitena UV Reactor TL-430J

By Hitena

HITENA UV Reactor Spray (TL-430J)

[Color Options] Original (Yellowish Green) , Red, Violet, Black

It's known that UV perception of fishes has things to do with detecting predators and food. Hitena have been studying the importance of UV lights since long ago and believe UV affects fish's behavior from lab research and tests performed by field testers. We have UV products line up like Tinsel® Line with UV filament, UV Reactor Spray, not to speak UV colors adopted to the majority of fishing lines.

- Bottle size : 30 ml
- Easy use - Spray directly to egi, soft plastic, hardbody lures and all kinds of metal jigs
- Quick dry type - Simply spray and dry for 10 minutes
- 4 Colors to choose from at your preference - Original (Yellowish Green), Red, Violet, Black 
- Single or double layer spray is effective enough to give off UV lights 
- Best for species that perceive UV lights like bass, walleye, muskies, rockfishes, flatfishes, drums, pike, salmon, squids and many more
- There might be minor ink runs when applied to egi depending on its surface material and finish