IFL Excalibur 600 ISO Landing Net Set

$320.00 $345.00

IFL Excalibur ISO net

“Fish with confidence, net with ease.”


Hooking up a fish is important but landing the fish is crucial. The IFL Excalibur ISO net makes landing your next big catch much easier. With a staggering 6m extended length and a folded length of 1.2m, the IFL Excalibur ISO net is an innovative, versatile and compact landing net like no other.


Supported with a light and stiff carbon blank with an HD lock at the head of the pole for security, the Excalibur ISO net is the ultimate landing net. The weight of the net is carefully balanced to make the net as light as possible, allowing the angler to easily net the fish solo. The HD lock system at the head of the pole is custom-made by the team at IFL to ensure durability and security when landing larger fish. The stiffness of the net improves accuracy when netting the fish. The telescopic design of the net makes transporting it simple as the frame and pole are detachable. A clash preventing rubber ring stops the lower sections from colliding with the metal and potentially damaging the blank. A custom cut rubber housing is attached to the top of the HD lock head to secure the net when travelling to prevent it from extending and to prohibit the movement of net pieces when folded.

 Length (cm) Sections Folded length (cm) Tip diameter Rear diameter Carbon % Weight (g)
600 5 123 17.8 31.4 98 513