IFL ISO Float Premium Range - BG LC


BG LC series


The IFL BG LC iso float was designed as a distance casting

ISO float to achieve maximum distance whilst applying

minimum weight to the rig. A fusion between the XO and

BG series, the BG LC is the heaviest ISO float in the

collection. Suitable for areas where the fish are out of

reach, this float will assist in covering more area with the

float whilst fishing virtually unweighted. Ideal for species

such as salmon, kingfish, snapper, bonito and many more.

The lipped top design offers minimum resistance for water

to pass through and remain visible by the broader top


An orange matte finish that improves visibility and prevents


Suitability: Long cast applications

** +M - this is a slightly smaller size float with reduced weight


Size Weight
00 35.3g
0 35.0g
0+M 26.0g
G2 34.6g
G2+M 25.6g