Livre Custom Reel Knob - FF (Fortissimo Single Knob)

By Livre

* Compatible with nearly all Daiwa spinning & LBD reels with few exceptions (If unsure of compatibility please enquire with us beforehand)

Livre Custon Reel Knob dimensions (as shown in the photo)  are: 40mm in length, 24.5mm on the palm side and 13.5mm on the reel side.

Round shape with a finished super light weight of 15.8g

Product name Color Weight (g) / 1 piece Product No
Fire & Gold F2 FGL-1
Ff (Fortissimo) Fire & Titanium 15.8 F2 FTI-1
Fire & Blue F2 FBL-1
Fire & Red F2 FRE-1