MC Works Explosion 818XX (Special Model)


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MC Works Explosion 818XX - Special Model

The most powerful model out of the Explosion range, the 818XX delivers the ultimate power for larger stickbaits aimed at GT and kingfish. The blank features a softer tip that can easily guide larger stickbaits with enough cushion for a smooth action and easy casting applications whilst having a super backbone as the rod loads up. The backbone is the most superior out of the Explosion range rated at a max PE10 and enough power to turn a large GT or Kingfish. Suitable for anglers chasing the new PB fish. This rod can be fished with PE8 or 10 and will cause less fatigue on the angler. 

Boat casting GT/Kingfish

Length: 8'1 "

Line: PE # 8-10

Cast: 150-300g

Drag max: 18 kg

Guide: E-MNSG guide