MC Works Slow Hand SH884PD


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The SLOW HAND spinning range is a NEW CONCEPT rod that embodies the low response action in the casting rod. 

Uniquely designed low friction tip section exerts power when the wave is high, when the tide is not aligned and rough sea level. Without giving unnecessary input to delicate plugs, it is possible to automatically spin out the best action under rough conditions.

It has excellent castability in vessels of limited casting space where pendulum cast can not be fully utilized. The material and taper design allows the rod to make long casts even with limited casting motion.



A long range model 884 PD is newly introduced in 4 power class which is the middle power model of the SLOW HAND series. Eliminating the feeling of weight that tends to become negative when adopting low elastic material as the main material, the dull feeling of the rod. 

Length: 8'8 "

Line PE: # 3-5

Cast range: 30-80g

Drag max: 9 kg