Palms GIG Gigant Hook 120S sinking pencil lure

By Palms

The Palms Gig Gigant Hook 120S is specifically targeted at large sized pelagic fish. Built with a strong internal structure with a slim appearance, the hook size is enlarged while retaining the silhouette of the minnow like GIG115S. The # 2 treble hook that was greatly improved from the # 6 hook that was installed in the GIG100S. 

The large hook treble setting can be awkward at first but it equips a magnetic mount system in order to avoid that the belly hook getting on the back of the lure. By holding the hook with magnetic force, the hook is kept in the belly and doesn't interfere with the lure or action. 

Furthermore, the strength is increased through wire-through which enables safe fighting without losing distance or action. 

Challenge a larger target with the Gig Gigant Hook 120S!

GGG-100S 100 mm 30g 6 Colours Sinking