Palms Metal Witch Quest

By Palms

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By adopting nanoalloy ® cutting-edge blank

Metal witch to tow the light jigging scene. Blank evolved into a quest be to adopt ※ the nanoalloys, it won a higher trust. Slow jigging, brush up Tairaba, vegetables, a blank properties that specialize in each game hairtail. Lineup to cope with a new scene, such as cast rubber and Tachiwaindo will support the angler. Accumulated know-how embodied in the series in advanced materials, it is the metal witch quest.
※ some models of the M-Series is a glass solid material.


In the slow jigging dedicated rod, SLOW & FALL series won the high reliability. Together with the adoption of nanomaterials, exert an action which blank technology has created that can move a bend smoothly tip section and high load to control the jig action. Bend to allow that time feel can "win it" in the moment and the landing control of the hook-up, will lead the future of slow jigging.

Expand the world of light jigging

Line up the metal witch series pursue the specs to enjoy the real thrill of light jigging to direct. Always colorful line-up that also corresponds to the game style of each genre to evolve will strongly support the angler. Nimble maneuverability is intact, and Long Fall only model which realized the mower length, hairtail wind model to do a head operation at will, red sea bream model corresponding to the cast rubber. Metal witch is a benchmark of light jigging rod, it will continue at the forefront with its specs.

Model No. Length Piece Power Lure Line Rod Wt.
MTSC-6300SF 6ft.3inc. One 0 30-80g 0.6-1.2 No. 117g
MTSC-630SF 6ft.3inc. One 0 40-100g 0.8-1.2 No. 117g
MTSC-631SF 6ft.3inc. One 1 60-110g 0.8-1.5 No. 125g
MTSC-632SF 6ft.3inc. One 2 100-150g 1.0-2.0 No. 126g
MTSC-633SF 6ft.3inc. One 3 130-180g 1.2-2.5 No. 132g
MTSC-634SF 6ft.3inc. One 4 150-200g 1.5-3.0 No. 136g
MTSC-685SF 6ft.8inc. One 5 180-230g (Fall Max 400g) 1.5-3.5 No. 149g
MTSC-686SF 6ft.8inc. One 6 200-250g (Fall Max 500g) 2.0-4.0 No. 168g
MTSC-7112SF 7ft.11inc. Offset Handle 2 100-150g (Fall Max 230g) 1.0-2.0 No. 152g
MTSC-7113SF 7ft.11inc. Offset Handle 3 130-180g (Fall Max 300g) 1.2-2.5 No. 158g