Palms Sunglass/Phone Pouch

By Palms

The slightly long tarpaulin pouch is a size that can store the polarized glass together with the case. You can easily access it from the pouch that you wear when you need to use polarized glasses and glasses that are essential items. In addition to that, of course, it is a compact pouch, but because it is a long size, you can make use of the generous storage capacity. In addition, front mesh pocket, vertical storage mini pocket, inner mesh pocket, key hanger hook are arranged. In addition to hook straps, it is equipped with vertical velcro tape that can be attached to the waist belt and shoulder belt. The slider pull has a loop shape that makes it easy to hold while wearing gloves.

Material: Tarpaulin Water-stop fastener Hook strap with swivel Zipper slider pull

Color black
Size (mm) H195 x W100 x D50