Palms Turnpop popper

By Palms

A finesse saltwater popper by Palms Japan. 

A highly responsive miniature saltwater popper which is highly buoyant responding well for quick movements from a long pops, walk the dogs and subtle twitches. Well balanced to reduce the amount of mistakes during the retrieve making it suitable for beginners as well as advanced anglers. Suitable for fishing land based off flats, breakwalls, estuaries and off boats and kayaks for bream, bass, flathead, whiting, tailor and many more species. 

Cup shape

A cup shape that creates a light pop sound, fan-shaped splash, and dirt action to the left and right.

Horizontal tow points

Horizontal tow points enable an ideal hook position are used for the belly and tail eyes. 

Size: 50mm

Weight: 3.9grams