Ripple Fisher Monster Impact 90H


Monster Impact is a special class series that captures non-standard big items and limited situations. By throwing away general and easy-to-use general-purpose performance and demanding specialized power and tone, we support anglers who challenge the limits.
101HH / 110HH is a power series for Hirasaki, and it is not an easy-to-handle rod, but the blank was crafted on the assumption that the angler could not take an advantageous position on the fence. Considering the adverse situation as normal, we have the power to cope with not only hirasuki but also unexpected blue things. This rod is not recommended unless it is an angler that is capable of handling minnows for hinokizuki but has power to the limit and has already established fishing for cypress. However, it will surely be a right arm for anglers who follow the ranker size with certainty, how to eat cypresses and where the big guys lurk.
The model scheduled for release in 2019 will also be 90H, a spinning model that targets sea bass and red turtles and can use heavyweight big battle lures. Expanding the frame of the series and pursuing the power method that is the starting point will further expand the world of monster impact.

MonsterImpact Bending Curve (2kg static load comparison)

MonsterImpact 90H

A spinning model that can cast with a big bait of about 70g and can cast a 120mm / 18g minnow firmly. The target is a ranker-class seabass and turtle, and it has general-purpose performance that can be handled with a single line from match the bait capture when large bait is unbalanced to normal bait. The blank is sharp and the tension is strong, but when casting, it can be thrown far away as if it is bent flexibly, and it has the power and response to reliably hook up the thick shaft hook even with a bite offshore.
A robust bat power that stops the torqueful driving of the monster class represented by large turtles, action input and castability with crisp big plugs, and improved game accuracy with a light feeling of use and operability, and a ranker This is a ripple fisher body that has condensed the performance required for aiming.
Target Seabass Akame
Field River Midstream to Estuary and Rock
Specification SiC-S titanium frame K guide specification (Fuji) * Base guide only Titanium RV guide
Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
9ft (end size 1410mm) 193g 2pcs / seal 18-70g MAX PE 3 Regular Fast


◎ Applicable reel guide ・ S : 4000 ~ 5000 / D : 3000 ~ 4000

Grip length / 543mm (Grip total length) ・ 429mm (From grip end to reel foot)
Blank tip diameter / 2.3mm ( Directly under the top guide) ・ Blank original diameter / 14.1mm (original diameter is the outer diameter of the fishing rod body 575mm from the bottom of the rod)
Reel seat / DPS18 (Fuji) Uplock
Grip end / EVA specification
Guide specification: SiC-S ring / Titanium frame K guide specification
* Base guide only SiC ring・ Titanium frame RV guide
guide breakdown ・ Top guide / T-KGST8-2.4 2 ~ 5 / T-KTSG 8S 6 / T-KTSG 10S
7 / T-KLSG 12S 8 / T-KLSG 20S 9 / T-RVSG 25H