Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 110H Nano Plug Model


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Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 110H Nano Plug model 

The new 2020 Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 110H Nano Plug model introduces a new era into land based shore stickbaiting combining lightness with a beefed up backbone increasing the power of the rod comparable to a HH or PE7 rating. 

Despite the length in the blank being a 11ft the balance has been superbly matched to feel light in the hand whilst still feeling responsive and will pull the stickbait through the water effortlessly without feeling dull or heavy. 

The flexible tip will eliminate a miss-sweep through the water, cushioning the stickbait through the surface of the water whilst increasing hook up rate and ensures the ability to work a wide range of plugs with ease. 

It has been designed to bend flexibly during high loads in the fight, to exert the lift force with the accumulation of the bat's tenacity, making it easy for the angler to put pressure on the fish while maintaining its posture.

The power class is H, but the blank potential has a power setting comparable to that of the HH class, and will not give the initiative to the 10-15kg kingfish in the shallow areas. 

When the load is slow, the butt section remains firmly in the high position, so it is easy to guide the fish during the fight and have control of the fight. 

Handmade in Japan 

SiC-S Titanium Frame K Guide + SiC Ocean Guide Specification (Fuji) / Blank with Nano Alloy® Technology







11ft (closed dimensions: 1720mm)


2 pcs

Plug 40g~130g

PE 4~7


  • Appropriate Reel Estimate · Shimano: 8000 ~ 14000 / Daiwa: 5000 ~ 5500
  • Grip Length/764 mm (Grip Overall Length) · 529mm ( from Grip End to Reel Seat) 
  • Blank Diameter/2.6 mm (directly below the top guide)
  • Blank original diameter/16.8 mm (just above the grip) 
  • Reel seat / DPS 20 (Fuji) 
  • Uplock grip end / BRC 22