Ripple Fisher Ultimo 82H Nano


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Ultimo 82H Nano
    The power display of 82MH Nano has been changed to 82H Nano. This model is a 83M power-up version that can further extend the 83M flight distance by swinging firmly. In addition, the cast performance that can be driven with a liner even in a field where there is a lot of casting at the Against is realized, and at the time of fighting, it is the best for an angler who wants more speedy development such as powerful lift by weight movement and further power fight to induce fish Will be your partner.
    * Old model name is 82MH. It is a change only for the notation name and the notation design of the rod butt.
    Target Roninji
    Lure Diving Pencil, Small to Medium Popper, Diving Popper
    specification SiC Ocean Guide Specification (Fuji) / Nano Alloy® technology blank
    Recommended anglers weight 65kg ~
    Ultimo 82H Nano
    Length Weight Section Lure Line Action
    8ft 2in (end size 1785mm) 390g 2pcs / grip joint MAX 180g MAX PE 8 Fast

    ◎ Applicable reel guide ・ S : 10000 ~ 18000 / D : 5500 ~ 6500
    Grip length / 794mm (Grip total length) ・ 504mm (From grip end to reel foot)
    Blank tip diameter / 2.5mm (Directly under the top guide) ・ Blank original diameter / 15.0mm (original diameter is 865mm outside diameter of fishing rod body)
    Reel seat / DPS20 (Fuji) Uplock
    grip end / BRC specification