Shimano Coltsniper XR 3pc rod

By Shimano

Shimano Coltsniper XR is a shore casting series that has improved its overall strength with a mixture of long casting, light, sharp and responsive blank that is required for shore jigging and plugging.

This 3pc model is perfect for anglers on the move or who require the ease of transportation of their rods. Shimano's revolutionary screw lock joint technology ensures a secure hold between the joints drastically reducing movement between the joints for the anglers confidence. 

Shimano's unique technology, such as high precision cast and operation, stable lift power for fighting large pelagics, and screw lock joints that provide higher strength, dramatically improves rod performance. ML to XH power for metal jigs and plugs over 30g to 100g. In addition, a three-piece model with excellent convenience has been developed. Targets range from large pelagics weighing more than 10 kilograms to a wide variety of predators in coastal waters.


  • Spiral-X Core
  • Hi-Power X
  • Nanopitch 
  • Ci4+ Technology
  • Screw Lock Joint: Special processing joint specifications that increase the fixing force of the joint and make it easy to remove. If you twist the rod when you connect it, it will be tightened like a screw, thus increasing the fixing force and making it difficult for the joint to come off. When removing, twist in the opposite direction to easily release the fixation (used for salt rods)


Model Length (ft) Length (m) Joint type Pcs Folded length (cm) Weight (g) Tip (mm) Stickbait (g) Jig(g) PE rating Drag Max (kg) Angle (°) Grip Type Reel set from bottom (mm) Joint type
S100MH-3 10'0" 3.05 Parallel 3 116.4 310 2.3 MAX90 MAX70 MAX4 5 45 Full length 500 UPLOCK
S100H-3 10'0" 3.05 Parallel 3 116.4 317 2.4 MAX120 MAX100 MAX5 7 45 Full length 505 UPLOCK
S100XH-3 10'0" 3.05 Parallel 3 116.4 335 2.7 MAX150 MAX120 MAX6 9 45 Full length 510 UPLOCK