Daiwa SLP Works RCS Machine Cut Light Handle


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Custom handle full of luxury taste
Lightweight machine cut handle with luxurious appearance. 
Adoption of aluminum shaft, review of shape, etc. realized substantial weight saving. 

Corresponds to DAIWA compact spinning reel with handle screw type. 
2 CRBB, Adjustment Washer, Screw, Knob Cap Removable pin included. (Handle knobs are not included.)

(As the shaft made of SUS is used only for 60 MM, the color of the shaft is silver.)
■ Machine cut light handle attachment image (18 EXIST) 
(Spool uses 18 EXIST only special option spool)

 The specification full of luxury taste is the best match for 18 EXIST 

*Models Available: 

SLP WORKS RCS Machine Cut Light Handle 50mm (11grams)