Sunline 2020 EGI Pink SV-1 Fluorocarbon Leader

$19.95 $23.95
By Sunline

NEW 2020 Sunline EGI Pink SV-1 Fluorocarbon Leader

This 100% fluorocarbon leader has a camouflage "pink" colour which vanishes underwater around swell or a broken bottom. It has been designed with high sensitivity and special double resin processing treatment which not only improves abrasion resistance but also improves knot strength. 

Double Resin Processing

Enhanced performance with double layer processing In "Double Resin Processing," a double coat of various high-performance resins results in a highly competent line.

Vivid Dyeing process

Sunline's unique dyeing technology – vividness, visibility, and softness in one


Colour: Pink

Length: 30m

Line classes: 6lb to 12lb

Made in Japan