Yamaga Blanks Blue Reef 711/10 Dual


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GT game... Although GT bite lure aggressively and fight extremely hard, you will be required to manipulate lure as carefully and delicately as possible to get result. 
Of course rod for GT is required versatility to be adjusted various lures which has been segmetalized to catch selective fish. We have tested these 3 models at tough field such as Tanegashima or Tokara islands over and over to shape our ideal of GT rod. Lightness to cast all day long, usability to respond anglers will, toughness and torque to keep initiative…reconcile these conflicting elements. We dedicate these series to anglers who are pursuing and aiming GT seriously.

Bending Curve

To stop GT that is swimming to the bottom of the sea while weighting on the rod, BLUE REEF series have been loaded more strength than BlueSniper series. Fulcrum point of bending curve have been set little farther than BlueSniper series so we recommend you to fight while shifting your own weight. Of course it will be worked well for king fish game that you are required to choose rod more than 6 power. 

Blue Reef 711/10 

This rod has been designed for popper mainly. So it is little stiffer than 711/8 and 711/10 so you will sense repulsive force directly on your hand. You will be required body weight and physical strength to make it bend. So if you are not sure about it but still want to use popper, we recommend you to choose 711/10.

This is high power model of 711/8. Even though this is for diving pencil mainly, It have been designed to be little more stiffer than 711/8 so it will cover various action as such as casting large lure heavier than 100g for long distance or manipulating popper with small face cup. Berry section of it will absorb the weight of fish to reduce physical burden of anglers and Angler will be able to lift huge fish while loading angler’s weight thanks to that tough butt section. This will be recommended to anglers who require the one that for both diving pencil and popper.

Target GT・Tuna
Lure Stick Bait・Popper with small cup face


Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2470mm 400g 2pcs Max 200g Max PE 10 95.7%

DragMax : 15kg/45° Closed Length : 1765mm Joint : Grip-Joint Guide:SiC Ocean Guide(Fuji)
Reel Seat:DPS20(Fuji) Suitable spinning reel size:DAIWA around #6500 / SHIMANO #14000~18000

Sizes of rod a. Length from reel foot to end of grip when reel is equipped. b. Whole length of grip.