Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper 85/4 Canary (Tuna Model)

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This is multiple and lighter model of Blacky series.
As you can notice from ”Canary” the name of 85/4, when you aim canary-colored fish as such as yellow fin tuna or king fish, it will be the perfect partner of you. Although we could cast around 100m distance on proto test (PE 4 / 70g of lure) we have also achieved enough distance to aim large fish with small lure such as less than 30g Even if you are in limited situation such as casting from share-ride boat, you will be able to cast lure into a spot of feeding fish at a distance with high accuracy. 
When you do not want fish to run as it like, powerful butt section will help you to stop the sudden run of lively fish and to pull it to surface quicker than you thought. It has full of versatility with our techniques of design, without any compromises.


Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
2570mm 339g 2pcs (Butt Jointed) 25~100g Pe3-5 95.5%



TUNA up to 40kg, XO sized pelagic species 

Drag max:

  • 8kg/45°

Folded Length:

  • 1860mm


  •  Grip-Joint


  • SiC-S Stainless frame K+SiC Ocean Guide (Fuji)

Reel seat:

  • DPS20(Fuji)

Suitable Reel Size:

  • DAIWA #4500~5500 / SHIMANO #8000~14000